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Bipolar is a difficult mental disease, which is accompanied by dramatic change depressive, maniac, mixed conditions or rotation depression with euphoria.

People, who suffer from maniac and depressive symptoms have mood swings, that are different from the general social norm. problem can be irregular, between worsening people can have full and normal life and after that worsening happens again.

Bipolar main causes

Specialists agree that the main cause of maniac and depressive conditions does not exist. Among factors, which can cause this disease are: chemical imbalance in the brain, hormonal imbalance, genetic and biological factors, and also external psychological influences.

Taking into account the progress of the bipolar, treatment should be conducted only by highly qualified specialists, who have successful practical experience and necessary conditions for complex therapy.

Bipolar main symptoms

Bearing in mind the complexity of maniac and depressive symptoms, semiology can differ and depends on the following patient’s mental condition, his/her mood and external factors.

Some people can have regular mood swings with depressive and mania symptoms. These periods can be from several days to several months, condition normalizes periodically. Some patients can feel euphoria and depression during several years without a break and also mixed condition, which is accompanied by regular mood swings.

Among main bipolar symptoms are:

  • Pathologically high joviality, which sometimes flows into increased aggression without obvious provocative causes;
  • Excessive pointless activity, study and work truancy without good cause, apathy to different events;
  • Euphoric feelings, which put the feeling personal “I” under the other members of society and excessive self-confidence, inflated sense of the self-esteem;
  • Consumption of drugs, medicine and alcohol to go for insomnia;
  • Provocative behavior and other symptoms, which are related to person’s increased or reduced mental activity.

Treatment of bipolar. Specificities of the procedure

Bipolar can be treated. It is not only medication treatment, it needs complex recovery of mental condition, especially with the help of professional psychologists.

The main aim of the treatment is to reduce frequency of depression occurrence and maniac episodes, complex weakening of symptoms and also returning person to normal life in social environment.

Advantages of bipolar treatment in the medical center “Medlux”

Specialized medical center “Medlux” conducts treatment of people with maniac and depressive psychosis on favourable terms for patients. Experienced and highly qualified doctors work in our medical center, who have extensive experience of successful treatment and they provide individual approach to each patient.

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