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Coding from alcoholism

Coding from alcoholism

Coding from alcoholism in Kiev is one of the most common procedures in the medical centers of the capital city. The conduction of the procedure in time can allow addicted person to get back to normal life: get rid of addiction, reconnect relationships with family, friends, colleagues and surroundings.

The procedure of coding from alcoholism should be conducted only by certificated narcologists. Before manipulation an addicted person gets over drunk tank completely, including: purification from alcohol breakdown product (detoxification), rehabilitation of normal functionality of the organs and mental condition.

Coding from alcoholism in Kiev, specialists of the procedure conduction

Formally, this procedure is a final phase of alcohol addiction treatment. It is conducted only after all complex measures to rehabilitate patient’s mental and physical condition.

Manipulation is conducted in the drug treatment center. As a rule, it takes several hours. Patient can arrive to the medical center by his/her own or he/she can be arrived by our specialists after calling. Compulsory condition of conducting this procedure is patient’s written permission. Relatives and close people’s agreements are not enough.

About medical center “Medlux”

How fast you can code from alcohol

Nowadays there are some common methods of coding from alcoholism. The selection of optimal method is carried out by narcologist, and only after conduction of necessary diagnostic measures, which take into account wide range of medical factors.

How to prepare for coding from alcoholism

Before procedure conduction, it is necessary to stop consuming alcohol in any quantity at least for five days. During this time, the body keeps pace with withdraw ethanol breakdown product, and also contributes to return to normal thinking. At the preparing stage, it is necessary that patient should want to get rid of addiction by his/her own – there are explanatory conversations with narcologist, establishment of the contact with patient and explanation of necessary information about alcohol harm.

Methods of coding from alcohol in the medical center “Medlux”

In the medical center “Medlux” professional and experienced narcologists use several effective medication and psychological methods of coding, which proved their efficiency in practice.

Dovzhenko method is a common way of hypnotic influence on patient, which is approved by Public Health of Ukraine and was adopted by doctors about 30 years ago. During session, a doctor provides guidance, which forms fully apathy (indifference) to physical properties of alcoholic drinks. Increasing of the result is provided by sharply negative suggestion of information about consequences of further alcohol consumption. This method provides for deep hypnosis in the medical center.

Medication coding is a traditional method of protection from alcohol, which provides for medicine intake in hypodermic fat fiber. Medicine violate alcohol fission in the body. It depends on treatments, but patient who consumes alcohol even in small doses can feel: nausea, vomiting, strong physical pain, depression, sadness, fear and so on. In our medical centre only original treatments for coding from tested producers are used: Torpedo, Esperal, Tetlong, Vivitrol.

Hypnosis is a common method of treatment, provides for comprehensive psychological and emotional influence on person. Patient, who is hypnotized, is subject to deep compulsion, which causes aversion to alcohol and fear of it.

Coding from alcoholism by improved authorial method of transcerebral electroneuro stimulation.

This manipulation is based on person’s survival instinct. During process of conducting this procedure, person is inspired direct connection of alcohol consumption with the risk for his/her health, down to proved fatal and it stimulates an addicted person abandons alcohol on pain of irreversible consequences.

The price of alcohol coding in Kiev

The final price of coding from alcoholism in “Medlux” depends on several factors: patient’s mental state and physiology of the body, method of coding (hypnosis, medication coding), and also on complex of provided services.

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