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Treatment of alcoholism in Kiev

Treatment of alcoholism in Kiev

«Alcoholic» statistics is unpromising in Ukraine. About each sixth citizen of our country consumes strong drinks systematically. Every year 40 thousand of ukrainians die because of the consequences of alcoholism. But even those people, who are not belonged to this statistics, do not have healthy lifestyle. According to statistical information for 2016 at the same time 700 thousand of our fellow citizens suffered from mental disabilities, which were caused by alcohol consumption. Among women, who died of cirrhosis, 75% of them overused alcohol.

Numbers are shocking. The question of treating alcoholism should not exist. The answer is obvious: to treat it as fast as possible. But where could you do it? How is it done? About these things we will tell you below.

The cost of alcohol treatment

Many people have the same question – how much does it cost? The answer is simple, but truthful: everything is individually. Prices depend on medical institution, city, patient profile and so on. As much as it there are health care centres, which provide alcohol treatment at affordable prices. For example, «Medlux».

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Individual approach to treatment of alcoholics

High quality institutions have an individual approach to each patient and it is one of the most successful point of the therapy. Because of that the cost of services is different for everyone. There are some factors, which influence on the final price.

Conditions of our hospital.

  • Patient’s condition. At the initial phase of the disease the patient needs only cursory treatment, that demands little time and efforts. But alcoholism in advanced form is treated step by step and too long
  • Patient’s age. Middle aged people and older give into therapy harder than young people, who like alcohol. And it is clear that the cost of services depends on the degree of difficulty.
  • Course duration. Everything is obviously here: the longer the patient is in the institution, the more money he/she needs to pay for treatment.
  • Methodology of treating chosen by a doctor. This is about the list of the procedures and medicine, which the patient needs.

Treatment of alcohol dependence in Ukraine

There are many medical centres, that work throughout Ukraine and they deal with the problem of alcoholism. Generally, the treatment is effective, but there are two conditionalities. Firstly, it is necessary to come in the medical institution. We would not have such pessimistic statistics if all addicted people went for treatment willingly. Alcoholics rarely admit their problem. It is important to convince person in the necessity of contacting experts.

Otherwise, you will face with the second conditionality such as «simulation» of the treatment. The patient, who does not have any willingness to treat, never does it. He/she will make all procedures and will take medicine, but these actions will not be effective. However, if the medical centre treats on a psychological level, chances of success are increasing exponentially. In the centre «Medlux» much attention is paid to change thinking of addicted people. As a result of psychological manipulation we help people to form mental resistence to alcohol and none medicine can effect in this way.

Effective treatment of alcoholism

The greatest effect can be achieved only by complex treatment. It is only hundredth of the road to success to take alcohol away from an addicted person. It is necessary to reduce syndrome of stopping alcohol and after that to teach person to live without it. We will tell you about main stages of this difficult disease below.

Methods and stages of alcoholism treatment

The process of treatment can be effective if it is conducted in several stages.

  • The first stage is to negate intoxication. The first priority is abolition from the body of harmful products of alcohilic decomposition. It is conducted with the help of drip. As a result of detoxification patient’s vitals start to function normally.
  • The second stage is psychological impact. A bad habit will not let go sick so simply. The syndrome of stopping alcohol requires the use of special medicine and psychological procedures.
  • The third stage is the final one. It is the usage of preventive methods. This is about alcohol abuse hypnosis and therapy, which are aimed at supporting person’s psychological state.

After these actions the patient changes his/her way of thinking. A recovering alcoholic returns to normal life step by step.

“Filling” for alcoholism

Disposal of alcoholism in the medical centre «Medlux»

The experts in «Medlux» help people to stop consuming alcohol over the years. The average experience of our doctors is 13 years. The staff of the medical centre is doctors only of the first and higher category. The high grade of «Medlux» recognized at the national level, clinic has an authorization of the Ministry of Public Health of Ukraine.

People trust «Medlux»! More than 400 thousand clients from all over the country come to us in the past year. We did not disappoint them. The efficiency of treating in our clinic is 92%.

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