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Treatment of drug addiction

Treatment of drug addiction

Drug addiction is one of the most acute problems not only across Ukraine, but across ordinary families, where drugs “take” favorite people, ruin family happiness and health, and this addiction does person unhealthy and addicted.

Sick people consume drugs uncontrollably and can not abandon from next dose. Because of that only highly qualified specialists should treat drug abuse, who have better knowledge within drug addiction and know modern method of treatment.

Treatment of drug addiction in Kiev

Treatment of drug addiction in Kiev specialized drug abuse treatment center “Medlux” is conducted in several general stages: detoxification, “sewing’ and rehabilitation.

Drug abused treatment medical center

Treatment of drug addiction – three main stages

  1. Body detoxification provides complex removing of drugs’ remnants, and also their breakdown products from patient’s body. As a rule, it takes 5-10 days, during which are appeared unpleasant and painful symptoms such as: cold turkey or sharp physical pain. At the stage of detoxification doctors try to minimize torture of drug addicted people and conduct mental prevention, where explain importance of treatment conduction till fully recovery of physical and mental condition. The main purposes old detoxification are: cleansing the body from drugs, stabilization of patient’s mental condition, preparing to the process of “sewing” and rehabilitation.
  2. “Sewing” (“coding”) is an effective treatment procedure. It provides for “sewing” of special medicine – blocker of drug addiction, which significantly reduces attraction and consumption of opiates. The effect of the medical preparation provides shutdown of sensitive receptors, which responsible for enjoying of drugs consumption.
  3. Rehabilitation is general and final phase of treatment, which is aimed at fully recovery of patient’s physical and mental conditions. Firstly, it lies in patient’s mental preparation to new life, in which there is no place for drugs: it is conducted special individual and group preventive discussion, physical exercises, and other measures, which provide complex recovery of person’s normal life.

Anonymous treatment of drug addiction in the medical center “Medlux”

Treatment of drug addiction

The crud abused treatment center “Medlux” conducts treatment of patients under conditions of fully anonymity. We understand, that drug addiction, even if it was in the past, can serious and reputational undermine to healthy person, prevent him/ her from realization in favourite job or private relations. Because of that the procedure of rehabilitation is fully anonymous and secure medical confidentiality.

Involuntary treatment of drug addiction in Ukraine

Involuntary treatment can cause conscience opposed, because treatment is conducted without patient’s agreement. However, it is necessary to take into account one aspect – addicted person, who is under the influence of drugs, can not assess the situation clear-headed and make decision by his/her own, which not only can get rid him/her of addiction, but save the most valuable – his/her life!

Feel the problem and want to help your close person to get rid of drug addiction at reasonable cost? Call to specialists and the help you obligatory!