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Neuroses and asthenia

Neuroses and asthenia

Neurasthenia and asthenic neurosis refers to difficult mental diseases. They are accompanied by depressive mood, down to depression developing, increased nervous excitability, vegetative disorders, irritable weakness and other nervous problems.

To prevent problem worsening and recovering of person’s normal physical and mental life, it is necessary to undergo complex treatment with the help of qualified doctors.

Causes of neuroses and asthenia

Neuroses and asthenia are special types of mental disorders, which are caused by long-term psychological and emotional and physical depletion. It leads to prompt fatigability, hypersensitivity and emotional instability.

Among main causes of pathology except psychological and emotional and physical depletion are: long-term regular impact of such irritants as: misunderstanding in the family and between close people, colleagues, friends, regular stresses, implement of daily work, which needs special attention, private and family tragedies, lose loved ones, divorce etc.

Symptoms of asthenic neurosis

As other psychotic diseases, neuroses and asthenia have particular symptoms, which allow to determine problem in particular person. Among the most common symptoms are: breakdown, fatigue, hypersensitive to external factors (person can react strongly on temperature range, light, sound and so on). Also it can be depression, impossibility of physical activities, reducing of will power, bad memorability of numbers and events, attention distraction.

Sometimes neuroses and asthenia are accompanied by sharp headache, vegetovascular dysfunctions, disruption of digestive and urogenital functions.

Main types of neuroses and asthenic

Doctors tell the difference some main types of neuroses and asthenia, which are expressed in different clinical forms:

  • Hypertonic form is the first stage of pathology development;
  • Irritable weakness occurs in the case of the hypertonic progress and is accompanied by irritability, that flows into nervous exhaustion;
  • Hypothetical form is the last stage neurasthenia developing, it is manifested because of absence of treatment on the first two stages of the problem. On this stage patient feels tiredness, failure of doing most traditional daily tasks, it is manifested insomnia with the feeling of yearning and anxiety.

Neuroses and asthenia can be developing at different ages (adults and children), pathology can have people regardless of their age and social status. And because of that if you find described above symptoms it is necessary to call qualified specialists, who can provide right diagnostic in time, and also conduct treatment, which facilitate semiology and eliminate physical and mental problems.

Treatment of neuroses and asthenia in Kiev

Specialized Kiev medical center “Medlux” conducts treatment neurasthenia on favourable terms for patients. Only qualified doctors with successful experience work in our medical center. We provide individual approach at all stages of treatment.