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Treatment of schizophrenia in “Medlux”

Treatment of schizophrenia in “Medlux”

Schizophrenia refers to one of the most common progressing mental disabilities. It provides for losing of normal mental functions, disability of healthy thinking and planned reducing of psychological activity.

Progressive development of schizophrenia leads to growing of strong-willed reducing, which leads to steady disability. People, who suffer from schizophrenia, can not have normal physical and mental life in the society. So, it is too important to find the problem in time and to conduct mental treatment, that can crop or minimize symptoms and to return person to normal life.

Main causes of schizophrenia occurrence

Nowadays, there are no reliable causes of disease development. However, there are some theories of pathologies development, among the most common are:

  • Influence of toxins on the brain, including: phenol compounds, ammonia and other toxins;
  • Genetic predisposition, which are referred genetically;
  • Structural abnormalities of normal brain function;
  • Pathologically high producing of dopamine, which stimulates active work of nervous system, increasing the amount of producing impulses.

Despite the lack of knowledge in the sphere of causes of schizophrenia emergence, modern methods, which allow to conduct quite efficient psychopharmacology therapy, that minimizes and eliminates the pathology symptomatic and to return person to normal mental and physical life.

Medical classification of schizophrenia

Nowadays, doctors divide schizophrenia into 5 main classes of disease. Depending on the type, it can be used certain type of scheme treatment of schizophrenia.

  • Paranoid – the common type of schizophrenia, in its process, there are hallucinations, delusional ideas, without behavior disorganization and loss of thinking disorder;
  • Disorganized – it is a complex of mental disorder;
  • Cathonic – it provides for a wide range of psycho-motor pathologies;
  • Undifferentiated – has a range of psychotic symptoms, which are different from the previous ones;
  • Residual – is characterized by weak prominence of productive semiology.

Main symptoms of schizophrenia

This disease has a range of different symptoms, which can be changed according to the type of schizophrenia, stage of its development and mental specificities of particular person. However, there is a range of symptoms, which if you find you need to call the doctor immediately: disorder of attention, acceptance and thinking, hallucinations and nonsense, apathy, abulia and weakness.

At the first stages of schizophrenia development person can have mood disorders, exclusion, increased irritability, impossibility of implementation of getting things, lacking of interest, indifference.

Also, it is necessary to pay attention that schizophrenia is a long-running disease, so its progressing can be not obvious – it is important to identify signs of disease in time and to take measures for patient’s mental condition stabilization.

Treatment of schizophrenia in Kiev

Medical center “Medlux” conducts treatment of patients, who suffer from schizophrenia at different stages of its development. Call us and you will get assistance obligatory!