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Treatment of amfetamine addiction

Treatment of amfetamine addiction

Amfetamine refers to the class of potent psychotropic drugs, which provides for euphoric full of energy after consumption. Under the influence of it, person loses an ability of objective assessment of environment, he/she is in condition of increased physical and emotional activity, there are sleep problems and lack of appetite. All these things cause undermining of health, mental disabilities up to proved fatal.

Treatment of amfetamine addiction in the specialized drug abused treatment center allows to get rid of the problem fast and to provide recovery of patient’s health. Drug abused treatment medical center.

Treatment of amfetamine addiction – specificities of procedure conduction

It is recommended to conduct treatment of amfetamine addiction only in the medical center supervised by qualified narcologists, psychiatrists, therapists – it allows to take measures in time and to correct the treatment scheme according to patient’s physical, mental and emotional conditions.

After drug intoxication it is started amfetamine withdrawal, it is manifested acute depression, impatience, mood swings, which cause stimulating willingness to consume again.

Symptoms and consequences of amfetamine consumption

Among main symptoms of amfetamine addiction, when it is necessary to call the doctor are: psychological and emotional exaltation, depression, thoughts about suicide and attempts to lay hands on oneself, weakness, fatiguability, insomnia and pathological drowsiness, anergy, decreases of arterial pressure, irritability.

Symptoms can be developed lightning and systematically. As a rule quickness of cause of the symptoms depends on the period and the quantity of drugs consumption.

Consequences of amfetamine addiction are really destructive. An addicted person loses mental and energetic resources fast and destroys nervous system. As the result of long-term consumption it is developed amfetamine psychosis, which is similar to maniac psychosis and it provides for nonsense and hallucinations, but after that person feels depression, physical pain and total suspension from normal life.

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Treatment of amfetamine addiction in the medical center “Medlux”

Specialized medical center “Medlux” conducts effective treatment of amfetamine addiction at any stage of disease progression. Treatment is conducted in several main stages:

  • Conduction of complex detoxification of the body, which provides for fast and safe removal of amfetamine and its metabolites (breakdown products);
  • Removal of cold turkey and excretion of the patient from withdrawal symptoms with the help of medication therapy;
  • Symptomatic treatment, which is aimed at recovery of broken functions of the body;
  • Complex psychotherapy, which is aimed at recovery of patient’s mental condition;
  • Rehabilitation in the medical center provides for individual and group psychotherapy. In the period of rehabilitation it is established therapeutic result and it is conducted social adaptation of addicted people – it allows to avoid relapses in the future and to live full life sensing happiness of life without drugs!