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Treatment of methadone addiction

Treatment of methadone addiction

Methadone refers to potent opiates, which cause highly addictive. As a rule methadone addiction is developing as the result of “street” drug consumption or pharmaceutical equivalents consumption in the specialized medical centers, which are known as substitution therapy.

Some addicted people use this drug targeted or change more expensive drug – heroin. As a result he/she uses one drug instead of another and it causes worsening of the condition – patient needs treatment of methadone addiction.

Treatment of methadone addiction

Treatment of methadone addiction needs to be conducted in the medical center supervised by specialists round-the-clock, who have possibility to control the process and to correct the treatment scheme according to following situation.

Specialized drug medical center “Medlux” conducts treatment of methadone addiction of any complexity in several main stages:

  • Total detoxification of the body, which provides removal of the drug and toxins from the body – it allows to stabilize patient and turn to next recovery programs;
  • Conduction of family or individual psychotherapy procedure with professional psychotherapists. The main aim of this stage of treatment is stabilization of patient’s emotional condition, his/her active motivation of avoiding of drug consumption and return to healthy lifestyle;
  • Intensive medication therapy, which is aimed at recovery of all vital systems of the body;
  • Rehabilitation, it is a process, which provides total recovery of patient’s mental, emotional and spiritual health.

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Why methadone is dangerous – consequences of consumption

Methadone is one of the most dangerous drugs, which influences on the body badly. Among consequences of drug consumption are: atrophy and rotting of the limbs, mental disabilities and violation of the thinking process, a wide range of diseases of respiratory system, liver, increase of bones fragility and friability, developing of erectile dysfunction, menstrual disorders, hormonal imbalance, violation of blood circulation in the limbs and organs and other problems, which can cause proved fatal.

How to understand that person uses methadone – consumption signs

Drug test.

As a rule, signs of methadone consumption are similar to other drugs. People use methadone if: eyes have redness, dilated and small pupils, pale skin, violation of coordination and sleep, memory worsening and appetite, inadequate reaction, behavioral changes, mood swings, constantly coughing, always needing money.

It is necessary to call the specialists for diagnostic and for conducting drug test and then for treatment of methadone addiction if you find these signs.

Methadone cold turkey – how to deal

Methadone cold turkey is painful symptom, which is necessary to withdraw in the medical center. Doctors there use special medicine, which decrease physical suffering and ease the process of detoxification and recovery.

Treatment of methadone addiction in Kiev

Medical center “Medlux” conducts professional treatment of methadone addiction in Kiev at the highest level at democratic prices with the high comfort for patient!