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Treatment of weed addiction

Treatment of weed addiction

Weed smoking is one of the most common drug problems, firstly, because of serious underestimation of consequences, which cause its regular consumption. Despite that physical addiction of the body does not prove, weed is equivalent to other drugs because of stimulation of psychological addiction – it causes serious consequences and necessity of treatment of weed addiction.

There are cannabinoids as part of weed, which provoke a serotonin cascade, that regulates people’s mood.

Treatment of weed addiction

Despite that most people have possibility to control amount and intensity of weed consumption, some people are exposed to direct addiction as a pathological predilection and give up it without help of specialists is too difficult or completely unreal.

Specialized drug medical center “Medlux” conducts treatment of weed addiction of any complexity. Highly qualified doctors – narcologists, therapists, psychiatrists work in the medical center and use the most modern, effective and safe methods of removal of patient’s addiction.

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Signs of weed smoking

Taking into account the specific way of drug consumption – smoking, there are no external signs of weed consumption. But signs of weed smoking are quite expressed:

  • Existence of distinctive smell in the mouth, on the clothes, hair and hands;
  • Atypical expression of the eyes for people, and also intensive redness, which can be similar to tiredness;
  • Excessive or missing emotionality, which is expressed in excessive fun, uncontrollable giggling, increased activity or vice versa in atypical quiet behavior for people and even aggression.

Consequences of weed smoking

Weed consumption like another drugs for medical purposes causes negative consequences, which provide for total weakening of the body and psychological addiction, that causes regular necessity in the future.

Among main negative consequences of drug consumption, when it is necessary to conduct treatment of weed addiction are: apathy, exhaustion, weakness, desensitization, a wide range of psycho emotional disabilities (depression), diseases of respiratory system, problems with cardiovascular system and reproductive function.

How to stop smoking weed

Firstly, an addicted person should understand all harmfulness of drugs and necessity of treatment of weed addiction. The most effective, the fastest and the safest way to get rid of problem is the calling to the specialized drug medical center, where doctors can conduct complex treatment, which includes total diagnostic of the patient’s following condition, detoxification (removal drugs from the body), individual or group psychological therapy, physiology, resocialization, which allows patient to return to normal social life.

Treatment of weed smoking in Kiev

When you call to Kiev drug medical center “Medlux” you or your close people get professional treatment with individual approach, 100% of privacy and comfortable conditions!