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Treatment of bulimia in Kiev

Treatment of bulimia in Kiev

Bulimia is a psychological disease, which is accompanied by pathological attraction to food. People, who suffer from bulimia, think about meal regularly, even after its consumption, tell about its harm and benefit, amount of calories in dishes, in doing so they are afraid of overweighting.

This disease is always accompanied by “overeating” and hunger, patient consumes food and can not stop, and after that it increases the fear of overweighting, he/she causes vomiting artificially, uses slimming drugs, do excessive exercises and consumes purgatives.

Causes of bulimia occurrence

The disruption of organs’ functions is not a cause of the disease, because of that treatment is considered as removal of psychological problem, which is connected with person’s psychological condition. Among main causes of bulimia are: disease of central nervous system, a wide range of psychological problems, hormone imbalance, low self-esteem, repeated stresses.

The basis of qualitative treatment is timely and exact diagnostic, which can be conducted only in the specialized medical center, that has all necessary diagnostic equipments and qualified staff. Right and timely diagnostic allows to find the right cause of disease occurrence and to prescribe treatment.

The symptoms of bulimia – when it is necessary to call the doctor

As other diseases, bulimia has typical syndromes, at detection of which it is necessary to call the specialists. Symptoms are divided into two main types: physical and behavioral.

Among behavioral symptoms are: excessive and frequent food consumption, attempts to “swallow” badly chewed food faster, signs of mental illnesses, insularity.

Among physical symptoms are: frequent and fast weight swings (weight gain and weight-saving), malaise, muscle weakness, excessive salivation, dental problems (caused by constant vomiting), predisposition of poor sore throat and signs of dehydration etc.

Methods of bulimia treatment in the medical center “Medlux”

Treatment of bulimia in the medical center “Medlux” provides for complex approach, firstly, aimed at removal of primary cause of problem development. In the case of organic disease manifestation, it is conducted treatment of primary pathology, with the nerve bulimia it is provided correction of mental illnesses.

In the period of nervous bulimia treatment it is used two types of treatment: individual and group. In detection of pathological physiology of metabolic processes it is prescribed special nutrition and medication therapy.

Special place in the procedure of bulimia treatment is taken by psychotherapy course, which is conducted by highly qualified psychologists. This course provides for motivational conversations, which allow patient to correct his/her mental condition and get rid of the problem.

The cost of bulimia treatment in Kiev

The cost of treatment in the medical center “Medlux” directly depends on a wide range of factors, among them: diseases difficulties, conducted diagnostic and therapeutic methods, treatment duration and so on.

Seek assistance to experienced and highly qualified doctors of our medical center and get excited of healthy life!