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Treatment of obesity in Kiev

Treatment of obesity

Obesity is a chronic disease, which is occurred by pathological fat deposits in the body and excessive increasing of body weight. Overweight is a common reason of complexes, ridicules, problems in the private life, serious problems with health, which can cause diseases of musculoskeletal system, circulatory system, and also can become a catalyst of different pathologies, that does not allow to enjoy normal and healthy life.

Fortunately, nowadays there are highly effective methods of obesity diagnostic and treatment, that can recover correct metabolism and lose weight. Because of that it is too important to treat obesity with the help of professional doctors, who can determine the cause of your problem effectively and provide correct treatment.

Main reasons of obesity

In most cases, development of obesity is caused by imbalance of energy intake in the body from consumed food and physical exercises, which provides its losing. However, disease can be caused by other reasons, such as: disorder of ingestion health functions, genetic pathologies and hormonal imbalance.

Excessive calories, which entering the body and are not excreted, are converted into fat, which is accumulated in fat depot (vitals, abdominal wall, subcutaneous tissue) and it leads to gradual and active obesity, which increases pressure on musculoskeletal system and organs, reducing motility and effective work of the body.

Among main reasons of obesity are: sedentary lifestyle, bad habits, genetic problems, failure of healthy diet, a range of endocrine pathologies, psychogenic overeating, stresses, lack of sleep, hormonal imbalance, consumption of hormonal contraceptives and other factors.

Symptoms of obesity

The main specific symptom is overweight, which is caused by fat deposits on the stomach, back, limbs, back of the head, hip joint and other areas of the body. When you find these symptoms it is necessary to call the doctor to identify the source of the problem and to treat obesity, which allows person to return to full life.

Obesity is divided into 4 main stages, where 1 and 2 stages are quite common. In these stages patient can feel excessive drowsiness, sweating, weakness, nausea, joint pain, pain in the spine and shortness of breath. 3 and 4 stages of obesity is accompanied by sharp physical problems of the body, which include disruption of circulatory system, digestive system and respiratory system.

Treatment methods of obesity in the specialized medical center “Medlux”

Obesity treatment in the medical center “Medlux” is conducted by experienced and highly qualified doctors. The initial diagnosis allows to find the reason of the problem, after that is appointed therapeutic, dietary, and psychological procedures involving therapists, nutritionist and psychologist.

In the process of treatment our doctors use medication method and dietary method, which can eliminate primary cause of the disease, and also recover healthy condition of the body. In some cases surgical method can be useful, which provides for operational treatment of the obesity – this procedure is conducted in complex cases, at weight holding.

The cost of obesity treatment depends on patient’s condition for the moment of the reception and the list of services provided.