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Treatment of overeating in Kiev

Treatment of overeating in Kiev

Overeating is a disorder of eating, which leads to overweight. Overeating is a problem, which is suffered almost by everyone. It causes unpleasant heaviness in stomach, excessive drowsiness and even insomnia. For most people, overeating is an everyday norm, to which it is accustomed and it is unreal to get out of this vicious circle. Only way to get out of the problem is timely and professional treatment.

Regular overeating is at risk of stomach distraction, deceleration of its motility, overweighting and increasing of fatty tissue, which harm his/her shape and loss of healthy coordination.

Causes of overeating

Most people, who inclined to overeating have one of two problems: regular and intermittent. Episodic overeating refers to almost all people, for example, on holidays – it is not risk at serious danger, when you restrict yourself understanding consequences. In turn, regular overeating is a serious problem, which can cause not only heaviness in stomach, insomnia, and other diseases of digestive tract, obesity, and pathologies, which leads to fatal.

Among main reasons of overeating are:

  • Reduced sensitivity of stomach to changes of amount of food because of possibility to stretch. The cause of reduced sensitivity is occurrence of sense of satiety only after 15-20 minutes after starting to consume food.
  • Thirst, which is disguised as hunger. The body, which needs to drink water, causes hunger in person, that can not be eliminated by food even in large numbers.
  • Psychological problems, which causes by different etymology, including: regular stresses, mood swings, self-doubt, low self-esteem and other psychological diseases.

Symptoms of overeating

Semiology of overeating is traditional and can be manifested in some forms. Upon theirs detection it is necessary to call to qualified doctor:

  • Uncontrollable eating in most domestic situations: surfing the Net, watching TV, listening to music, reading books etc.
  • Rapid or orderly increase in mass or its sudden volatility.
  • Discomfort in digestive tract, regular abdominal distention, gas generation, temporary pain.
  • Insomnia or excessive drowsiness.
  • Willingness to eat food without hunger, for example, in stressful situations.

Stages of overeating treatment in the specialized medical center “Medlux”

Overeating is a serious problem, which it is necessary to treat by medication and psychological methods. As a rule, treatment is aimed at elimination of primary cause of overeating occurrence and consists of two stages: diagnosis and therapy.

Diagnosis is based on research of patient’s history and understanding of his/her problem, which allows to find the main cause of overeating: psychological and physiological.

Treatment of overeating because of physiological problem is conducted by medication method, but treatment of overeating of psychological problem is conducted with the help of psychologist, who treats by psychological methods.

The cost of overeating treatment in Kiev depends on treatment complexity and range of services provided.

Make an appointment in the medical center “Medlux” and forget about overeating for good!