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Treatment of “salt” addiction

Treatment of “salt” addiction

Despite that the drug “salt” has become common recently, the scale of its consumption in Ukraine is too big. The problem is provoked by accessibility of this drug, simplicity of its preparation and negative influence on the body, that causes addiction and physical and mental pathologies, which lead to full destruction of identity and active degradation down to death.

During the consumption of synthetic drug, “salt” addiction develops quickly. As the result person can not get rid of this problem by his/her own, so it is too important get treatment of “salt” addiction in time in the professional drug medical center.

Treatment of “salt” addiction. Procedure specificities

Resistant addiction develops after several drugs. Stopping to consume this drug causes cold turkey, which is manifested by physical and mental sufferings. For most people such sufferings are unbearable – drug addicted people try to use next dose as fast as possible, getting into vicious circle and it is unreal to get out of it without treatment in the medical center and further psychological assistance.

Treatment of “salt” addiction is conducted in several main stages. Firstly, doctors conduct complex medication detoxification of the body, which allows to remove drugs from the body and to facilitate cold turkey symptoms. As the result, it happens the recovery of physical functions of organs and the body, it is eliminated psychomotor initiation.

The second stage of treatment of “salt” addiction is psychological assistance to the patient. Work of psychologists and psychotherapists is aimed at information delivery about all dangerous of further drugs consumption. It is conducted individual and group therapy. The result of professional assistance is the recovery of normal mental condition of the person with the negative relation to drugs consumption.

Why “salt” is dangerous – consumption consequences

“Salt” are one of the most dangerous drugs, which threatens to stable mental and physical condition of the person. They blur distinctions between danger and safe, imagination and reality. Under the influence of the “salt” functions of the organs and brain activity are disrupted. Drug addicted people, who do not conduct treatment in time, have suicidal tendencies, that cause suicides and accidents, which are initiated by hallucinations and loss of sense of danger in the critical situations.

Symptoms and signs of “salt” consumption

As another drugs, “salt” causes a range of symptoms for which it is possible to define person’s involvement in using drugs: dilated pupils, fast nonsense speech, fidgety and troubled movements, useless activity, aggression, increased body temperature, tooth rasp, that is caused by cramps of chewing muscles, fast weight losing, appetite and sleep disorders, depression, anxiety etc.

Upon detection described above symptoms it is necessary to take measures and in the case of confirmation – to conduct complex treatment of “salt” addiction.

Treatment of “salt” addiction in Kiev

Specialized drug medical center “Medlux” provides the full range of services of “salt” treatment in Kiev Highly qualified specialists work in our medical center, who provide individual approach to each patient taking into account physical and mental and emotional disorders!

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