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Drug abuse treatment medical center in Kiev

Drug abuse treatment medical center in Kiev

The drug abuse treatment medical center “Medlux” is a 24/7 specialized center of assistance for alcohol and drug addicted people in Kiev. Over the years, they have been successfully helping to eliminate the problem of addiction and recover the patient’s normal life, where there is no place for drugs and excessive alcohol consumption.

The medical center provides a wide range of services: from getting over drunk tank at home and in the medical center, withdrawing of cold turkey, “filing” for alcohol and drugs, rehabilitation of alcohol and drug addicted people, to comprehensive treatment of alcoholism, drug abuse, overeating, bulimia, anorexia and a number of mental and therapeutic diseases. Experienced doctors are well aware of the peculiarities of the treatment of narcological and psychological problems, therefore, all procedures, including “filing” for drugs, are carried out under optimal conditions.

About medical center “Medlux”

Advantages of private drug abuse treatment medical center

Unlike most state medical institutions, including profile specialization, a private drug treatment medical center, carries out “filing” for drugs and other procedures using the most modern diagnostic and manipulative (medical) equipment that meets strict quality standards. Excellent equipment allows you to carry out treatment with maximum efficiency.

Doctors and other workers provide an individual approach to each patient at all stages of treatment. In some cases, for the conduction of a successful “filing” of drugs, professional psychologists are involved. Their work is aimed at convincing the addicted person that timely and full treatment is necessary, followed by a rehabilitation period, which significantly increases the effectiveness of therapy, because the patient does not deny the problem, and he/she is interested in its prompt elimination.

Also, private medical centers use the UBOD technique (ultrafast detoxification). It takes only 4-8 hours and allows in a short period of time to stop the patient’s unbearable withdrawal symptoms and ensure prompt removal of the remains of drugs and their derivatives from the body.

Why choose “Medlux”?

Best specialists

High-Level Clinic

During our work we attracted the best specialists.

Clinical examination

Clinical examination

We have comfortable rooms.


We are working around the clock

In our center there are doctors on duty around the clock.

Anonymous treatment in the medical center “Medlux”

All patients undergo out-patient or inpatient treatment and other medical procedures in our medical center, the law about medical confidentiality strictly operates. Our specialists are well aware that the exit from the clinic’s walls of information about the treatment of a particular patient can affect his/her future career and deastiny, so all data is strictly classified.

The level of confidentiality is always the maximum, regardless of whether the patient has undergone drug “filing”, psychiatric treatment or received any other medical assistance.

Conditions of treatment in hospital

The clinic has an excellent base for inpatient admission. There are all the necessary conditions for effective emergency care and rehabilitation period: the wards are equipped with modern practical furniture and appliances, there are individual bathrooms and complex nutrition for patients in the process of treatment/ rehabilitation. Such procedures as “filing” for drugs and “filing” for alcoholism, can be conducted both at an individual reception, and during the complex rehabilitation of the patient.

All interested people can visit our medical center in advance and familiarize themselves with the conditions of patients’ stay, especially for you they will hold a consultation and will demonstrated the conditions.

The cost of treatment in the Kiev drug abuse treatment medical center

The cost of treatment in “Medlux” directly depends on a wide range of factors, including:

  • Type of disease and its complexity;
  • Individual characteristics of the patient’s body who applied for help;
  • The range of services provided (diagnostic, therapeutic methods), as well as the medicines used;
  • Duration of treatment and conditions of stay in the medical center.

Get quality treatment in decent conditions from the best doctors who have extensive successful experience!