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Treatment of drug addiction in the medical center

Drug addiction refers to one of the most serious drug problems, which causes physical and mental addiction of the body to determined substances. Most people can not deal with this problem by their own and need professional assistance.

Nowadays one of the most effective ways to get rid of addiction is treatment in the medical center. This way allows narcologists to diagnose the problem qualitatively and to take necessary measures, to correct treatment scheme in time according to the following patient’s condition.

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Drug addiction treatment hospital in Kiev

It is conducted necessary treatment in the medical center, which demonstrates high results. It is too important that all procedures are conducted by highly qualified certificated narcologists, psychologists, therapists, who have high theoretical knowledge and successful experience in treatment of drug addiction problems.

Medical center should have all necessary medical equipment and good conditions in wards: comfortable beds, meticulous repair with conditioner, TV, bathroom and other facilities, which allow patient to focus on his/her health, to feel care and understand all advantages of healthy lifestyle without drugs.

Advantages of drug addiction treatment in the medical center

Main benefit is special medical equipment and round the clock supervision by narcologist for the following patient’s condition with possibility to correct treatment scheme immediately for increasing its efficiency.

About medical center “Medlux”

Among main stages of drug addiction treatment in the medical center are:

  • Vehicle delivery of the patient to the drug medical center and consultation, which provides for complex examination and identification of the following patient’s condition;
  • It is conducted detoxification, which is aimed at fast and effective removal of drugs from the body using special medicine. At this stage it is facilitated physical suffering from cold turkey;
  • Therapy, which is based on effective medical methods and “coding” (“sewing”/mind control);
  • Psychological work with drug addicted people (individual and group). It is aimed at independent understanding of all dangerous of using drugs, and also recovering of normal mental condition.

Treatment of drug addiction in the medical center “Medlux”. Specificities and advantages

Medical center “Medlux” is specialized on treatment of drug addicted people in Kiev and Kiev region. In the medical center there are modern equipments and comfortable conditions for patients. Special attention is focused on individual approach to treatment according to drug addicted person’s physical and mental specificities. Doctors monitor patients round the clock – it allows at least to change the recovery dynamic and if it is necessary it is conducted scheme correction.

The cost of drug addiction treatment in the medical center depends on several factors: patient’s physical and mental conditions, therapeutic procedures and duration of being in the medical center.

Get rid of drug addiction yourself and your relatives and feel all beauty of life without drug consumption!