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Treatment of panic attacks

Treatment of panic attacks

Panic attacks are causeless uncontrolled attacks of fear, accompanied by severe anxiety and marked somatic symptoms. They arise suddenly and last up to 10-30 minutes, are painfully transferred by the patients.

They do not have direct danger, but can make the patient’s life unbearable. They lead to depressive and neurotic disorders, a person constantly lives in tension, becomes vulnerable and nervous. There are complex problems in the sphere of social adaptation. With timely treatment, seizures are effectively amenable to treatment and correction.

Symptoms and signs of panic attacks

Paradoxically, but in the attack, many patients do not always understand what is happening to their body. The syndrome arises unpredictably and can develop, both after a nervous strain, and in quiet environment.

Symptoms as quickly as possible increase to peak level. Psychic manifestations prevail over all the others:

  • paralyzing the pointless fear – the phobia of death, madness, uncontrolled deed;
  • depersonalization;
  • stiffness or vice versa, motor excitement;
  • a sense of impending disaster;
  • derealization.

Somatic symptoms resemble a vegetative crisis, beginning with bouts of air shortages and chest pains. Frequent, associated with the attack, manifestations:

  • sweating;
  • chills;
  • nausea;
  • pre-fainting or dizziness;
  • hot and cold;
  • shiver;
  • discomfort and chest pain;
  • abdominal tenderness.

Because of the constant fear of sudden attacks, the patient’s behavior changes, the quality of life decreases, and mental and physiological problems arise.

Diagnosis of panic attacks

From the disease you can perfectly recover, but it will need qualified medical care, which is provided by the doctors of the medical center “Medlux”. When you contact our specialists, you get a full range of diagnostic capabilities, a comprehensive and competent examination, thanks for which you can correctly diagnose and completely cure the disease.

Modern methods of diagnosis of panic attacks, which are conducted in the medical center, help to clarify the obvious and hidden underlying causes, the features of the current, exclude somatic similar pathologies. In the friendly atmosphere, you are expected to be examined by the best specialists with the help of the latest medicine technologies.

How to treat panic attacks?

The disease is cured in a short time, if the treatment is started immediately. Preference is given to combined methods that meet high standards. The main task that doctors put is to find the cause and eliminate it.

After the examination, patients are prescribed complex treatment, including pharmacotherapy and psychotherapy. The following groups of medicines are used:

  • They are prescribed at the beginning of treatment for a period of not more than 7 days.
  • They are used with accompanying personality disorders.
  • They are the drugs of choice; they give a tangible result.

Drug support is carried out with modern, gentle preparations. A high level of service and psychological comfort awaits every patient of our medical center. The positive attitude of the staff guarantees a positive result.

Methods of treatment

Panic attacks do not pass independently, and to solve the problem, it may not only require the highest level of professionalism of specialists, but also the relationship of absolute trust between the psychotherapist and the patient. Specialists of “Medlux” have a great experience in the treatment of such disorders, they have all the means for diagnosing and conducting effective therapy.

The complex of psychotherapeutic measures includes:

  • cognitive-behavioral therapy;
  • emotional-oriented therapy;
  • Ericksonian hypnosis;
  • Gestalt therapy;
  • EMDR-therapy.

During psychotherapy sessions, patients learn to control the physical and emotional state, correct inappropriate behaviors, eliminate fear and anxiety by strong-willed efforts, work through and digest the negative.

Short-term psychological correction removes seizures and underlying causes; it includes such methods:

  • training in relaxation and breathing exercises;
  • lowering the anxiety reaction;
  • identification, recognition and elimination of the root cause;
  • grinding and exposure of high-risk situations.

Panic attacks are not a verdict. If you want to get rid of agonizing fear and panic forever, take the first step. You can apply for an application online or contact us by phone. Timely and effectively organized treatment of panic attacks in “Medlux”, will help you to return to a healthy life and re-feel its taste.