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“Filling” for alcoholism

“Filling” for alcoholism

Alcoholism is a difficult chronic disease, which causes worsening of general condition of the body, occurrence of mental and physical pathologies, and also social breakdown of people’s lives and families. Addicted person can not control himself/herself in an effort to consume next “drink” and he/she gets into vicious circle more and more. So it is too important to take measures in time, which allow to overcome this problem and to return to normal and full life.

Nowadays there are several ways to get rid of addiction and one of the most effective is “filling” for alcoholism, which provides for utter rejection from alcohol consumption even in small doses and it allows to recover body’s health over a long period.

About medical center “Medlux”

“Filling” for alcoholism in Kiev

“Filling” for alcoholism is one of the medication methods of coding, which provides for infiltration of medicine in subcutaneous fiber. As a rule, medicine is in the capsule as a gel or in the peals, which consist substance, that causes acute reaction of the body, in case of alcohol consumption even in small doses.

Conducting of manipulations causes prevention of disease relapse in addicted people. However, this procedure is not a panacea, “filling” works certain times for which it is recommended a rehab facility and psychological assistance.

“Sewing in” ampoule for alcoholism, which treatments are used

On the market there is a raw of medicine, that are used for conducting “sewing in”. In the medical centre “Medlux” only the most effective medicine are used:

  • “Sewing in” Torpedo is a traditional and most common method of coding. This medicine appeared on the market one of the first and even today shows its efficiency.
  • “Sewing in” Esperal is a cure, that is being produced by French pharmaceutical company during last 20 years. It is used for treating alcohol addiction and proves its high efficiency in practice successfully.
  • “Sewing in” Tetlong ensures several positive properties at once: suppresses excessive attraction to alcohol, has antidepressant effects, and also creates a risk to the life when an addicted person consumes alcohol and stimulates fear of alcohol consumption.
  • “Sewing in” Vivitrol is an universal medicine, that allows to conduct coding for alcohol and drug addiction. It blocks receptors ensuring lack of satisfaction during alcohol consumption.

How to prepare for “sewing in”

Preparation for this procedure is a key stage, which allows to recover normal mental and physical state of the patient. Before “sewing in” it is important not to consume alcohol during at least 5 days. In this time, alcohol breakdown product is overputted from the body and also it is recovered normal functioning of the body.

Also, before preparation one of the most necessary factors is patient awareness that he/she needs to deal with the problem of alcohol addiction. As appropriate, the narcologist conducts preventive, motivational interviews, which allow to understand the complexity of the problem and encouraging desire to solve it.

How is the procedure of “sewing in” in the medical center “Medlux”

“Sewing in” Torpedo and other medicine for addiction treatment is conducted in a sterile in the medical centre, by highly qualified specialists-narcologists, who have successful experience in conducting such procedures. The capsule is inserted in the form of injection into the column of the fatty tissue or through a small incision, that is stitched in a consequence.

After conducting this procedure doctors show the efficiency with the help of “provocation”, when they give patient small dose of alcohol by stimulating body’s active reaction, that has insufferable character and it allows to demonstrate consequences of alcohol consumption in the future.

Medical center “Medlux” has an authorization of Public Health of Ukraine and uses only certificated medicine from the most common producers and it guaranteed high quality and efficiency of the conducting procedure.

“Sewing in” for alcoholism in Kiev – prices and other specificities

The cost of “sewing in” in our medical center depend on a raw of factors, at first on: used method/medicine, duration and also complex of services rendered. More detailed information about the cost of “sewing in” you can find our from doctors of our medical center.

Ask for qualified help in the specialized medical center “Medlux” and get rid of addiction once and for all!