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Treatment of psychiatry

Treatment of psychiatry

In the medical center “Medlux” were created perfect conditions for the treatment of patients, who suffer from mental disorders. Here you will find specialized high-quality medical care, the best doctors and comfortable conditions.

The treatment of patients is conducted by professionals with extensive experience and a high level of professionalism. Full, terminal therapy courses have a scientifically proven basis and include the latest safe approaches. The program is selected personally and is flexibly adapted to the needs of the patient.

Treatment of psychiatric diseases

Modern methods of mental illnesses therapy are based on the principles of complex treatment and the development of individual programs. An important role is given to diagnosis, clarification of symptoms, degree and severity of the condition. Therapeutic tactics are always maximally justified and based on methods of psychopharmacotherapy, biological effects, social and labor rehabilitation.

Methods of treatment of psychiatric ailments

Psychiatric care can be provided in the medical center or in an outpatient setting. The decision depends on the severity, extent, prescription of pathology. The preferred choice is agreed with the patient and his/her relatives. The medical center uses only the most effective methods, which allow to achieve positive results.


Drug therapy in the medical center is strictly based on indications for psychosomatic, neurological, psychopathological conditions, including, in affective diseases, disorders and cravings. For that, it is prescribed the most reliable and tested drugs, which are personally selected for each patient.

Psychopharmacotherapy is carried out in the format of the appointment of such medical groups:

  • Antidepressants. They help to get rid of feelings of despair, anxiety, fear, depression. They increase morbidly low mood. They improve concentration of attention, increase the interest to life. They are divided into 2 groups – with a stimulating and soothing effect. For example: “Amitriptilin”, “Pirazidol”, “Azafen”.
  • Tranquilizers. They eliminate generalized anxiety disorders, emotional tension, sleep problems, symptoms of panic attacks. They also normalize the vegetative-vascular changes. These include “Tazepam”, “Elenium”.
  • Neuroleptics. They treat mental disorders that occur against the background of impaired metabolic processes, as well as schizophrenic behavior. They stop hallucinations, delirium, aggressiveness. They also supplement the complex for depression and psychosis. These are such drugs as “Haloperidol”, “Stelazin”, “Tizercin”.
  • Mood stabilizers. One of the leading medicines for the therapy of bipolar disorders, fluctuations in depression and arousal. They complement the therapy of depression in combination with antidepressants. The main drug is lithium salts.


Psychotherapy is an integral process in the treatment of all mental illnesses and disorders. The aim is to help a person to identify vulnerable sides, help to understand and change behavior, and increase motivation for recovery. The provision of psychiatric care is based on a personalized approach. The following methods are used, as modern techniques:

  • psychotherapy;
  • art therapy;
  • Gestalt therapy;
  • hippotherapy;
  • biopsychiatry;
  • film therapy;
  • animalotherapy;
  • client-centered therapy;
  • occupational therapy.

At the same time, complex treatment includes, as therapy with medicines, psychotherapy, psychological correction, as medical and recreational procedures.

Treatment of psychiatry in Ukraine

Among people, it is widely believed that the treatment of mental disorders in Ukraine is carried out exclusively with drugs that suppress symptoms of disorders and sedatives. But these are erroneous judgments relating to the past century.

In the medical centers of the country, modern methods and techniques are used that guarantee positive results. Treatment programs are developed by leading specialists and include proven, safe medication, psychotherapy and psychological counselling.

In the medical center “Medlux” you are expected:

  • Medication therapy with the newest drugs with a mild and rapid effect, without complications and with a minimum of side effects.
  • Psychotherapy with a healing beneficial effect, the methods are based on conviction, suggestion, hypnotherapy.
  • Non-drug treatment for detoxification of the body. For this, ksenonotherapy, laser therapy, physiotherapy are carried out.

Calling to “Medlux”, you will get understanding, quick diagnostics and immediate help. Our specialists will be able to help you in the most difficult situations, even when the previous treatment was ineffective. When you get professional assistance and support from us, you will find that life full of joy and happiness is possible.