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“Decoding” from alcoholism

“Decoding” from alcoholism

People, who face with problem of alcohol addiction and get rid of it with the help of “coding”, they often think about “coding” withdrawal and resumption of life with no restrictions, when they can drink a glass of wine in good company at the holidays or on other days without abhorrence.

“Decoding” from alcoholism. Specificities of the procedure

“Decoding” from alcoholism is a common procedure in medical practice. This manipulation allows to neutralize partially or completely the previously impact on the body of the addicted person. As a result, patient gets rid of  the “implicit program”, which causes aversion to alcohol or gets rid of the previously “sewing” medicine. After “decoding” conduction people decide by their own drink alcohol or not, taking responsibility for their actions.

In which cases “decoding” from alcoholism is necessary

There are some important reasons for “decoding” from alcoholism, among them:

  • Deep depressive states, and also a wide range of other problems with mental state;
  • Lack of positive effect from sessions of psychological assistance and previously “coding” conduction;
  • Physiological problems of the body, which are connected with loss of appetite, pain of muscles, men’s sexual dysfunctions, uncontrolled overeating, headaches;
  • Individual intolerance of “sewing” medicine, which was used in the “coding” process.

Also, “decoding” from alcoholism can be conducted in cases when person got rid of addiction, completely recovered his/her emotional and physical states and has possibility not to allow to plunge into “vicious circle” again by his/her own.

Which types of “decoding” can be

Types of medical “decoding” correspond to types of “coding”, and they serve as their exact opposite. The procedure of “decoding” can be conducted in two main methods: of medication and of psychological. Medication method provides for disposal of “sewing” into subcutaneous skin medicine, at a time when hypnotherapy and psychotherapy allow to take psychological “backstop”, which is set by narcologist in the process of “coding”.

Treatment in the medical center

How the procedure of “decoding” is conducted

The procedure of “decoding” depends on previously used method of “sewing”, which is applied for treatment of particular patient. Specialists of the specialized medical center “Medlux” use three main methods: psychotherapy, hypnotic and method of disposal of capsule with medicine or implant from fatty tissue.

The procedure is conducted in the medical center. For disposal of medicine, doctor makes an incision and draws the capsule with medicine, after that he/she cuts the suture.

As a rule, most of patients feel moral relief after procedure, which helps to understand that addiction was defeated and now it is possible to move on to normal life without overconsumption of alcohol.

The cost of “decoding” from alcoholism

The cost of “decoding” in the medical centre “Medlux” depends on using method, and also on physical and mental conditions of patient. Before the procedure our doctors always conduct diagnostic and consult, it allows to find objectivity in conduction of this procedure and also they give valuable medical recommendations.