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Sleep disorder

Sleep disorder

Sleep disorder – it is one of the most common issues for modern person. According to statistics at least 8-15% of working-age people have such problem and 9-11% need to consume medicine. If not to conduct the right treatment in time, which allows to recover healthy sleep, with the age problem can only get worse.

Sleep disorder can have different aged people with characteristic semiology of manifestation. Such disorders can be as primary as secondary. The primary ones are not connected with problems of vitals, at a time when secondary ones are connected with different physical diseases.

Main causes of sleep disorder

Sleep disorder can be caused by several factors of different etymology: from banal delirium to pathologically tiredness and violation of vitals work. Among the most common reasons, which cause sleep disorder are: regular and single stresses, increasing of physical activities before sleep, consumption of medicine, coffee and energetic drinks, mental disorders, cardiovascular problems, metabolic disorder, overeating before sleep, sedentary lifestyle etc.

To identify the exact reason of sleep disorder in particular patient it is necessary to conduct complex diagnostic with the help of experienced specialist.

Main symptoms of sleep disorder

The most important and pronounced symptoms are: insomnia, difficulties with sleep, repeated awakenings at night or vice versa excessive drowsiness. Also, sleep disorder can be accompanied by anxiety, reduction of physical and mental activities, changes of emotional condition.

Symptoms of sleep disorder can differ depending on causes of problem occurrence and individual patient’s body specificities. Sleep disorder has following classification:

  • Insomnia is accompanied by complication of sleep and sleeplessness processes. It can be provoked by changes of mental activity and also consumption of drugs and alcohol;
  • Hypersomnia is accompanied by excessive drowsiness. Like insomnia can be caused by mental condition and excessive consumption of alcohol and drugs;
  • Parasomnia is accompanied by violation of normal physical work of vitals and systems of organs. In such cases it can be seen such symptoms: enuresis, epileptic seizures at night, somnambulism, nightmares and other disorders.

Treatment of sleep disorder in Kiev

Treatment of sleep disorder should be conducted only by professional neurologist based on received diagnostics. Self-medication can only worsen the situation and harm your health.

Treatment of sleep disorder can included some therapeutic stages involving conduction of pharmaceutical products. The solution according to optimal scheme should be solved by experienced neurologist based on patient’s following condition.

Kiev medical center “Medlux” conducts treatment of sleep disorder on favorable terms for patient. Each patient gets individual approach at all stages: from diagnostic and treatment to discharge.

Get rid of sleep disorder with help of doctors of medical center “Medlux”!