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Treatment of personality disorder

Treatment of personality disorder

Personality disorder is a sustainable mental disability, which can be manifested in childhood and during adolescence, systematically being progressed. This disease is characterized by suppression of some character traits and expression of another character traits. Actually, it is a group of mental diseases, which include steady long-term behavior changes and thought processes, that are not typical for sustainable society.

As a rule, psychological changes cause serious communication problems, people can not have normal relationships in the society including: familiars, colleagues and even in family. People, who suffer from personality disorder can not solve most of daily tasks, that causes more problems and extra stresses, which lead to conflict worsening.

Causes of personality disorder

A wide range of factors can cause personality disorder, which influence on person’s mental condition, among them are: different genetic diseases, injury of brain parts, drugs, alcohol, other toxins, pathological pre-natal developments, pathological brain development, disadvantaged social upbringing, ancestral and other injuries.

The key point of disease development can be childhood stresses, which are a catalyst of personality disorder. However, it is possible to identify the reason of the disease with the help of right diagnostic and professional psychologists.

Symptoms of personality disorder. How to identify the problem

Personality disorder is quite common mental problem, which 6-9% of Ukrainian citizens have. In most cases, behavior of such people does not have unambiguous evaluation.

Symptoms depend on the type of personality disorder and this makes it difficult to diagnose. But there are some typical symptoms:

  • Anxiety, feeling of disaster, anger, feeling of futility for community, familiars and relatives;
  • Feeling of emptiness (reducing the level of emotionality), avoiding of other people;
  • Impossibility of emotions controlling;
  • Irritability, even because of small stressors;
  • Regular conflicts with other people, threat of punishment, insulting, which can flow into using of physical force;
  • Conditions, which are similar to loss of the reality contact;
  • Impossibility of having normal relationships with close people, in family: children, spouses, parents.

Types of personality disorder

There are some main types of personality disorder, among them are; paranoid, asocial, OCD, narcissistic, schizophrenic, avoiding, dependent, border. Each type of personality disorder has its psychological specificities, as a rule, which are manifested by behavioral factors. Only professional psychiatrist can determine the type of personality disorder, which the patient has.

How the treatment of personality disorder is conducted in our medical center

It depends on patient’s mental condition treatment can be conducted by pharmacological, psychotherapy and combined methods. Pharmacological medicine are used for withdrawing feeling of anxiety, depression and so on, while individual and group psychotherapy provides aim achieving in the form of suppression of domestic sources of resistance, which stimulate personality disorder.