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Defeats of the peripheral nerves

The peripheral nervous system is a set of nerves formations, which are responsible for delivery of impulses, that are made by CNS, to vitals. In fact, peripheral nervous system has not any defense mechanisms and as the result it faces with different defeats. In some cases, it causes to temporary disability.

Types of defeats of the peripheral nerves

Defeats of the peripheral nerves

Specialists provide two types of defeats – close and open. Close defeat is caused by negative processes, which are happened in the body. It is about tumors, hernias, infections, injuries by bone fragments, toxic effects etc. Besides that, blows with blunt objects, which damage nerves also refer to this group. Because reasons, which are mentioned above, cause breaks rarely, such defeats have positive projection. Open defeat of the peripheral nervous is more dangerous for people than close. It is about serious cuts, breaks, injuries. Mechanical damages cause to different disorders and syndromes, which often need long-term care.

Causes of defeats of the peripheral nerves

Defeats occur as the result of any negative influences on the body, which lead to infection of nerve fibers or demise of neurons. All reasons can be divided into some main groups.

  • Infections;
  • Hypothermia, which leads to infections in the nerves;
  • Toxic defeats. Influence of bad chemical compounds, alcohol and so on;
  • Allergic neuritis and neurology;
  • Ischemic defeats. Compression of nerves by hematomas, tumors, different compactions;
  • Radiation influence;
  • Discirculatory defeats. Insufficient number of oxygen leads to cells death of the peripheral nerves;
  • Traumas.

Symptoms of defeats of the peripheral nerves

Semiology can differ according to localization of affected nerves. However, there can be some symptoms, which are common for all cases.

  • Problems with sensitivity. It is the most common symptom. As a rule, in the first month after serious defeat there is anesthesia that is total loss of sensitivity of skin near the affected area. After about 4 months of anesthesia is changed by hypoesthesia – decreased sensitivity. Self-medication is impossible, so without therapy problems with sensitivity exists.
  • Decreasing of motor function. This symptom is important, because it allows to identify which nerve is damaged. Skin near the affected area becomes red and hot. It is a hot stage. After that there is a cold stage: skin becomes cool and blue.
  • Trophic disorders. Skin becomes thin, smooth and tender. The affected area of the body suffers from poor blood circulation. As a rule, person, who suffers from such symptoms and he/she is limited by movements. Finally, this disease can lead to osteoporosis in bones. Besides that, defeats of the peripheral nerves cause discomfort and pain. Patients feel tingles.


The first stage of diagnostic is a patient’s history collection. Patient tells about symptoms, feelings and complaints. Besides that, it is important to identify which diseases, blows or traumas, which preceded the defeats of the peripheral nerves. Then, the doctor uses following diagnostic methods:

  • Patient’s examination. The doctor assesses the condition of the skin, nails, fingers, palms and feet according to the discomfort and pain localization;
  • The doctor assesses skin temperature, its sensitivity, the presence of pain during palpation of particular areas;
  • Testing of reflexes, the volume of movements in the extremities;
  • Blood test and other diagnostic procedures, which aimed at identification of infections in the body;
  • Radiography;
  • Ultrasound;
  • Electromyography – the examination of nerve conduction.

Treatment of defeats of the peripheral nerves

The main stage of treatment is elimination of the cause of the disease. Anti-inflammatory and spasmolytic therapies are used in complex, and also cleansing of the body, sometimes surgical treatment. Operation is necessary in the case of nerves pinching by surrounding tissues or neoplasms.

Much attention is paid to neutralize the symptoms, which cause the patient a lot of discomfort. It is used painkillers, medicine for blood circulation improvement and nerve conduction.

Almost in each case, patient is prescribed exercise therapy, gymnastics and massage. It allows to recover the motor function. If patients have neuritis and neurology, it will be prescribed hardware treatment.

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