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Drug treatment ambulance 24/7

Drug treatment ambulance 24/7

Alcohol and drug addiction is an every day problem for many people. Accessibility of alcohol and drugs, in conjunction with quick habituation, creates conditions for development of wide range of physical and mental pathologies, which demonstrate lightning promotion.

People start to drink alcohol and take drugs excessively because of different reasons, from banal curiosity to psychological problems, which are caused by various factors: domestic arrangements, problems at work, problematic social circle, unrealized ambitions etc. Despite difference of reasons they have one thing – dramatic deterioration of health. At some stage, this vicious circle causes necessity to call drug treatment ambulance, that may stabilize the condition and bring person to life.

Drug treatment ambulance 24/7 – when you need to call the specialists

Operative drug treatment ambulance is vital instrument, that allows to remove patient from critical condition, caused by different drug and alcohol substance, among them:

  • Acute intoxication of the body caused by alcohol and drug overdosing;
  • Wagon of any complexity and duration. After first 24 hours, toxins and breakdown products start to accumulate in the body intensively;
  • Fitful manifestation of alcohol and drug etiology;
  • Withdrawal symptoms provides for hangover or breaking (is manifested because of inaccessibility of drug substance or in the case of refusal from alcohol consumption).

Drug treatment ambulance at home in Kiev. Symptoms for calling medical team

The main symptoms for calling drug treatment ambulance at home are: shortness of breath, arrhythmia (irregular heart rate), intense vomiting, skin discoloration and lividity of mucosa, asthenia, sharp pain, insomnia, tremor, suicidal ideation, hallucinations, signs of delirium and other atypical symptoms for healthy person.

Pay attention! Semiology can be different in dependency of types of consumed drug substance. It is too important to provide assistance in time in alcohol and drug overdoses, because it increases the chances of completely rehabilitation of mental and physical condition of the body!

How assistance is provided at home

Medical center “Medlux” provides drug treatment ambulance 24/7. Mobile brigade, which consists of highly qualified and experienced narcologists, goes out by special car after several minutes afterwards the call, that guarantees arrival at the patient’s location in minimum time.

When doctors arrive, they diagnose patient, determine stage/character of alcohol or drug problem, take urgent medical measures for condition stabilization and also give recommendations about further therapy.

The cost of drug treatment ambulance in Kiev

The final price of drug treatment ambulance in the medical center “Medlux” depends on mental and physical condition of the patient on arrival, and also on services rendered on condition stabilization.

Remember! Help, that was called in time, can save your life and life of your relatives!

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