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Withdrawing of cold turkey

Withdrawing of cold turkey

Cold turkey or withdrawal symptoms is the strongest physical condition of the body, which is caused by stopping of regular drugs consumption. In the cold turkey process drug addicted person feels insufferable physical pain, and he/she wants to eliminate it with the help of next dose of drugs.

Withdrawing of cold turkey at home or in the medical center allows to reduce physical suffering and also to accelerate the recovery process. This procedure is medication and allows to start the process of full rehabilitation of the patient with subsequent avoiding of drug using.

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Withdrawing of cold turkey in Kiev – operational assistance in the medical center “Medlux”

To protect yourself and your relatives from physical suffering, which are caused by stopping of drug consumption – call to drug medical center “Medlux”! Our qualified narcologists conduct necessary diagnostic fast, withdraw cold turkey effectively and prepare the body to the further recovery.

Withdrawing of cold turkey can be conducted at patient’s home and in the medical center. Medical center is more preferred, because the patient is under doctors’ control, who have possibility to coordinate all the process during the procedure conduction.

Withdrawing of drug cold turkey. Procedure specificities

The procedure provides for full detoxification of the body from drugs. It is conducted under control of doctors using special medicine, which minimize patient’s physical suffering and accelerate the process of drugs withdrawing from the body.

The method, which is used can differ. Firstly, it depends on the type of the drug, which was consumed, physical and mental specificities of the body of the particular patient.

Withdrawing of methadone cold turkey

Methadone refers to synthetic opioid drugs. Drug addicted person’s refusal from the dose causes strong cold turkey during 1-2 weeks or even more than 1 month, that is dangerous for physical and mental health of the patient.

Getting rid of methadone addiction provides quite long-term and difficult process of withdrawal symptoms removing. The procedure needs professional narcologists and qualitative medicine.

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Withdrawing of cold turkey in the medical center. Why is it necessary to conduct there?

Attempts to get rid of the problem by your own in most cases leads to breakdown and addiction aggravation. Treatment in the medical center has high efficiency, which increases chances to total eliminating of addiction in further rehabilitation.

The importance of withdrawing of cold turkey in the medical center is subject to two important factors: in the medical center there are all necessary equipment, comfortable conditions and also patient is under control of the specialists, who can take necessary measures in time.

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Withdrawing of cold turkey at home by doctors of the Kiev medical center “Medlux”

Drug medical center “Medlux” conducts withdrawing of cold turkey at patient’s home. The brigade of doctors arrives at the address during several minutes after calling, conducts examination and manipulations, which allow to minimize physical suffering of the drug addicted person.

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