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Alcoholism rehabilitation in the hospital in Kiev

The habit to consume alcohol is deeply rooted in mentalities of ukrainian nation. Person, who do not drink alcohol, is perceived as a black sheep among his/her fellow-men-alcoholics. People in Ukraine relate to alcoholic with humor, irony, but rarely with fear. And numbers are really terrifying: 40% of all deaths of ukrainian men of working-age are caused by hot drinks abusing. It is official statistics, obtained from examination, which World Bank conducted.

Alcoholism rehabilitation in the hospital in Kiev

Alcoholism can not stand reckless attitude to itself. Yesterday it was only occasional feast, but today it is impossibility to live without alcohol. It is necessary to start treatment as fast as possible to avoid such sad “scenario”. Those people, who want to get away from such bad habit, have a choice – to treat addiction at home or in the hospital. We will tell you about the second variant in detail.

Hospital rehabilitation of alcoholism

Alcoholism treatment in the hospital includes therapy in special institution, which has all necessary settings for effective disposal from bad habit. In some situations it is impossible to treat not in the hospital, because home therapy can be blind-alley for defined category of patients.

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It is important to go to the hospital for treatment as fast as possible when there are following symptoms.

  • Strong abstinence symptoms. Withdrawal can cause heart attack, blood-stroke, hypertensive crisis and even examination.
  • Spasmodic stricture and epilepsy spells.
  • Hallucinations of different types. It is critical sign of the body, which reflects the nervous breakdown. Besides that it is too dangerous and in such runaway state patient can hurt himself/herself.
  • Delirium or tremens.

Patients, who are in such state, need immediate treatment in the hospital. As well as, alcoholism treatment in the hospital is necessary measure without patient’s motivation or with insufficient of it. If patient does not want to treat sincerely, he/she will have failures, which will negate home treatment.

Benefits of hospital treatment

Alcoholism rehabilitation in the hospital in Kiev

Alcoholism treatment in the hospital has a number of advantages, which can not be achieved at home treatment.

  • Constant monitoring. Patient is being monitored by experienced expert. Besides visual checks, also takes place hardware. For example, in the medical centre “Medlux” patient’s heart rate is fixed by heart monitor. In the first days of the therapy it is too important, because body is in weakened state.
  • Lack of access to alcohol. As much as addicted person does not want to drink, he/she anyway will have desire to drink. In the medical centre possibility of breakdown or consumption of alcohol is excluded.
  • Intensive treatment. In hospital settings there is possibility to make procedures or manipulations more often than at home.
  • Possibility to change strategy quickly. As it was mentioned above, alcoholism treatment in the hospital is conducted under experts’ control. It allows doctors to change treatment strategy under conditions of living time, choosing appropriate way of treatment for patient.
  • Possibility to use hard stuff, which patients need to consume under doctors’ control. Some medicine are not for home treatment. Patient can use them only in the hospital.

How alcoholism is treated in the hospital

The first procedure, which patients have, when they go to the medical center for treatment is detoxification. Its aim is to get harmful substances out of the body. There are used drip bulbs with saline, sorbents, antioxidants and also medicine for improvement of tract and heart.

Special attention focuses on rehabilitation of CNS and peripheral nervous system, which suffer from negative influence of alcohol. To prevent emergence of cramps and psychotic state patient needs to use sleeping pills and sedative drugs. Psycho-emotional state is corrected by antidepressants too.

During all treatment patient’s state is controlled carefully. In the medical centre “Medlux” monitoring is conducted with the help of ECG, blood test and the set of laboratory diagnostic measures.

The cost of addiction treatment in the hospital – price in Ukraine

The cost of therapy in the hospital differs hard enough in Ukraine. In general cost depends on geography, and experts’ qualification, who treat. But services of experienced doctors unnecessary cost too much money. In the medical centre “Medlux” alcohol treatment is conducted by experienced specialists at affordable prices. In this case, the cost includes curative measures and diagnostic. Besides that, during all period being in the hospital patient and his/her relatives get valuable advice.

Alcohol addiction is curable. You also can make sure of it turning to the medical centre “Medlux”.