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Drug test in Kiev

Drug addiction is one of the acutest social problems, which destroys society, particular people and their families. The beginning of drugs consumption may seem as pampering and it is possible to give it up at any time. As practice shows, such attitude leads to serious consequences: violation of mental and physical functions of the body and even death.

If you find signs of drugs consumption in your relatives or simply there are reasonable suspicions – you can conduct specialized drug test and get 100% right answer.

Drug test. Two main ways of testing

Nowadays there are two main ways of testing, that allow to conduct drug test. The first one provides for buying the drug test in the chemist’s and its conduction at home, but the second one provides conduction of drug test in the specialized drug medical center.

Buying the drug test and its conduction has several disadvantages:

  • Home express tests, which are in the drugstores are limited and have low efficiency. They are not able to show small residual doses and most types of drugs;
  • Suspect in drugs consumption can spoil test easily. Drug addicted people are quite resourceful, they can say that the drug test is unreliable, it shows a false positive, or it is fake.

Drug test in the drug medical center gives possibility to get most reliable result. It allows to find a wide range of drugs, to show even the smallest residual doses (3-4 months after consumption) and almost exclude the possibility of mistake, test spoilage and other situations, that can cast doubt in the impartiality of the result – it is too important for people, who want to find out truth about their close people.

Drug testing in the medical center “Medlux”

Drug test ”Sniper”

Kiev drug medical center “Medlux” provides services of complex laboratory drug test. There is all necessary equipment in our clinic for this procedure, we have highly qualified specialists, and tests are confidential. We understand the importance of non-proliferation of such information, so our clients can be sure that the testing will be a medical confidentiality.

How the drug test is conducted in the medical center?

There is a consultation and it is necessary to take the material for the test. Our specialists take care of testing materials and person, who is being tested, do not have possibility to replace them and it guarantees most exact and reliable result.

These results are sent to “Medlux” own laboratory, where it is conducted research, which shows availability or lack of drugs in the body, their type and amount.

Is it possible to do drug test at home?

People’s will to conduct this procedure at home is quite common, because in that case there is not necessity to go to the medical center. If you choose this variant it is necessary to consider all risks, which are connected with drug addicted person, who will try to discredit or falsify the result. If there is no possibility to go to the medical center, our specialists can conduct the test at home.

Take care of yourself and your relatives, call to professionals!