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Тревожные состояния

Anxiety is known for everyone. It occurs in different life situations and provides for negative emotions, which it is difficult to cope with. Anxiety is person’s pathological tendency of permanent stresses. They can be connected with waiting of negative, changes in natural environment and other factors.

In such cases simple anxiety flows into chronic form and becomes pathological. People can feel acute stresses not only in stressful situations, but without obvious reasons – it turns normal life to horror of constant waiting of something bad or irreparable.

In that condition people can not concentrate on daily tasks, their health gets worsen and only assistance of professional doctors can change this situation, direct life to good stream without excessive stresses and anxieties.

Causes of anxiety

Reliable reason of anxiety manifestation is unknown, however, like other mental diseases can be caused by a range of catalytic factors: mental traumas, constant stressful situations, chemical changes in the head, body predisposition to disorders, genetic and other problems.

There are known some diseases, which can cause anxiety development: addiction from psychotropic stimulants (drugs), mitral valve prolapse, hypoglycemia and hyperthyroidism. Also, anxiety manifestation and panic attacks can be caused by a range physical reasons.

Main symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety has specific symptoms, which if they are found it is necessary to call the qualified doctors immediately. They can conduct right diagnostic and prescribe effective treatment, which prevents further worsening of the problem.

Among main symptoms of anxiety are: internal tremor and increased nervousness, which are manifested without obvious reasons, constant and frequently asked feeling of anxiety, increased aggression, heart palpitations, sleep disorder, shortness of breath, dizziness, which are connected with the mental pathological work and nervous system.

Treatment of anxiety in Kiev

Professional treatment of anxiety is conducted with the help of cognitive-behavioural therapy and pharmaceutical medicine. In the process of treatment doctor creates horror situations, which cause intrusive ideas and takes measures for prevention of undesirable mental reactions.

It is too important to provide fast removal of symptoms forming the scheme of treatment, which cause anxiety. Taking into account the disease specific, treatment should be conducted by under doctors’ control – it allows to control the dynamic of mental and physical conditions’ recovery, and also to correct treatment in time according to following patient’s condition.

Specialized medical center “Medlux” conducts treatment of anxiety of any complexity. Highly qualified doctors, who have successful experience work in our medical center and we have all necessary equipment for patient’s successful recovery!