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UBOD – fast opioid detoxification

fast opioid detoxification

Reduction of the process of painful withdrawal in addicted person, getting rid of physical pain and removal of poisonous substances from the body in just 2-6 hours is provided by fast opioid detoxification (UBOD), which includes complex urgent medical measures for normalization of patient’s physical and mental conditions.

Rehabilitation of the body is conducted by using of specialized medical equipments and medicine – it allows fast and effectively to get rid of opiates and their breakdown products. High popularity of UBOD method is due to absence of painfulness for patient with minimal terms of rehabilitation.

When fast opioid detoxification of the body is conducted

Fast opioid detoxification is conducted by narcologists at the first stage of complex treatment of addicted patients in the period of concentration of opioid drugs in blood. In the process of detoxification dispossession of drugs and their breakdown products (toxins) happens. The process happens under anesthesia, that allows to get rid addicted person of the strongest physical pain and torments, which are encountered in cold turkey.

As a rule, all process of fast opioid detoxification of drug addicted people takes not more than 2-6 hours. The term of procedure conduction depends on patient’s condition and drug concentration in blood at the start of the procedure.

Advantages of UBOD procedure

The program of fast opioid detoxification of drug addicted people unlike traditional detox – program in the medical center has a number of advantages whereby it is considered the most effective in the field:

  • Eliminates emerging of painful syndromes, which are caused by cold turkey, because of stoping to consume drugs. The procedure is painless and does not cause patient’s aggressive reactions.
  • The term of procedure conduction is only 2-6 hours and happens under anesthesia at a time when classic detoxification in the medical center is not less than 4-12 days.
  • Provides actions of opiates’ blockers – it allows drug addicted person to feel healthy life, where is not place for drugs.
  • Method is completely safe – it is proved by numbers of clinical researches and is certificated by Public Health of Ukraine.
  • It almost does not have side effects, only 1 from 10 people after procedure conduction can feel weakness, dizziness, nausea.

One of the main advantages of UBOD procedure is possibility of effective using even in the most advanced cases. The procedure is conducted in the medical center under the control of narcologists – it allows to control the process of body detoxification and in the case of necessity to take medical manipulations.

UBOD – the cost in the medical center in Kiev

Specialized drug abused treatment center in Kiev “Medlux” provides professional services of fast opioid detoxification on favorable terms for client. In our center there are all necessary modern equipments, are used only certificated (original) medicine from tested producers and also provides only comfortable conditions for being in the medical center: wards with bathrooms, food.

Use professional services and get rid of addiction in minimum term!