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Getting over drunk tank at home

Getting over drunk tank at home

Drunk tank is a typical form of showing one of the most common and the most difficult chronic disease – alcoholism. It is caused by long or systematic alcohol consumption (from several days to several months or even years). The process of alcohol consumption during several days) is characterized more as an alcohol withdrawal and in such case the procedure of getting over drunk tank can be done at home.

In the period of permanent drunk tank, body needs to keep alcohol concentration in blood and it is accompanied by prurience to consume alcohol and also by: feeling of anxiety, dry mouth, tremor, sweating, blood pressure jump, elevated heart rate, aggression and hallucinations. Because of that it is important to take necessary measures in time and to recover body comprehensively.

Getting over drunk tank at home in Kiev

Medical getting over drunk tank is a special clinical procedure, which needs professional knowledge and skills of narcologists. It can be conducted at home and in the medical centre. Treatment in the medical center. As a rule, getting over drunk tank at home is effective only with short drunk tank (2-3 days). In other cases it is recommended to treat in the medical center, because it is allowed to look after patients more effective and to take necessary measures in time.

In theory, most people can get over drunk tank by their own, but it is too rarely and this process is accompanied by physical pain.

Why is the drunk tank dangerous?

The main risk of such state is sharp changing in natural physiological and psychological functions of the body. There is releasing of large number of energy, because of ethanol fission, which removes hungry and it stimulates avoiding of food, that leads to active depletion and also to violation of organs’ functions.

Through prolonged ignoring of the problem, blood pressure can be gone up, which causes cardio-vascular problems: strokes, heart attacks and also: difficult psychological disorders, cirrhosis, stomach ulcer, bleeding, delirium and other pathologies. Including proved fatal.

Getting over drunk tank at home in Kiev – the stages

Specialists of the medical center “Medlux” have long-term, successful experience of helping patients of different complexity. Treatment by our specialists is conducted into two main stages with using of most careful therapeutic methods:

  • Quick and painless treatment of the body of alcohol breakdown product, and also withdrawal of harmful toxins (detoxification);
  • Rehabilitation of aqueous-saline balance of the body, which is dehydrated during alcohol consumption;
  • Reconstructive therapy of liver, heart, vessels, pancreas, kidneys;
  • Rehabilitation of vitamin balance of the body;
  • Better work of central nervous system.

During procedures and manipulations narcologists in “Medlux” use only current certificated medicine by Public Health of Ukraine, which proved their efficiency and it guarantees high quality and safety of the current treatment.

Getting over drunk tank at home 24/7

In “Medlux” you can call doctor at home 24/7. Our specialist arrives at the address during 45-60 minutes, takes blood pressure and glucose, conducts a visual search, collects anamnesis, consults and offers an optimal solving of the problem.

The price of getting over drunk tank in Kiev: from 1800 hryvnas

The cost of treatment depends on the complex of provided services. Their list is formed by current level/duration of patient’s drunk tank, individual psychological characteristics, and also by set of medical factors.

Contact our medical center “Medlux”right now and get rid of this problem safely in the minimum terms!