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Getting over the drunk tank in the medical centre “Medlux” in Kiev

Getting over the drunk tank in the medical centre “Medlux” in Kiev

The drunk tank is one of the most dangerous signs of alcohol addiction. It is caused by regular and excessive alcohol consumption. At this period, people feel the greatest need in the next “drink” and when they get in the vicious circle it is too difficult to leave this circle on their own, and in some cases it can be impossible.

Main threats of drunk tank are: constantly escalating toxic syndrome, sudden changing of mental and physical functions of the body. During this period, people start to feel: fears, dry mouth, tremor, hypertension, can be developed pathologies of vitals, and other problems, which are common for chronic and alcohol intoxication.

Getting over the drunk tank by narcologists in Kiev. Why is it forbidden to get over by your own?

Treating patients without professional narcologists is a dangerous procedure, that can cause different, serious complications, at first, development of withdrawal syndromes and its symptoms are: sleep deprivation or nightmares, sickness, vomiting, severe physical pain in the muscles and joints, aggression, depression, breaking of heart rate, mental disabilities, hyper aggression, visual and auditory hallucinations etc.

Drug abused treatment medical center

Our narcologists get over drunk tank only by medicine, which recover normal functionality of the body safely, help to get out of breakdown product of alcohol, to take intoxication and also to normalize an aqueous-saline and a vitamin balance.

Getting over drunk tank in the medical centre in Kiev. Specifics of the procedure

Getting over drunk tank in the centre is one of the most common and effective ways of treatment. It includes accommodation of the patient in the ward. All process of rehabilitation is controlled by experienced doctors and it allows to take necessary measures in time, and to avoid possible complications, resulting from sudden denial of the body from alcohol consumption.

As a rule, treatment in the medical centre is during 3-5 days, since that time, doctors provide full examination and collect analysis, that allows to see psychological and physical condition of the body and to minimize negative consequences.

Advantages of getting over drunk tank in the medical centre

Nowadays, there are two ways of getting over drunk tank: at home and in the medical centre. The first way is used only with short alcohol consumption, when it’s duration is 1-3 days. For this period, in the patient’s body is accumulated not crucial dose of toxins, which reduces the process of derivation. But at the same time, long-term alcohol consumption it is a difficult chronic problem, that damages as person’s psychological condition as his/her vitals. Getting over drunk tank at home. This procedure needs much professional attention, which can be provided only in the drug rehabilitation center.

Getting over drunk tank in the medical centre “Medlux”

Kiev specialized medical centre “Medlux” proposes European services of quality and standards of treatment for getting over drunk tank in the medical centre. Experienced narcologists, anesthesiologists, psychiatrists, therapists, physiotherapists, psychologists, who have great experience of working with patients of any complexity, work in our clinic.

We use only certificated by Public Health of Ukraine medicine, from tested producers, which guaranteed high quality and safe treatment.

Narcologist’s outcall is carried out round the clock, arrival time of doctor to the mentioned address – 45-60 minutes.

When you contact our medical centre “Medlux” you can be sure, that we will help you!