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The house call of narcologist in Kiev

The house call of narcologist in Kiev

The total number of drug addicts and alcohol addicted people in Ukraine is non-comparable with the amount of our citizens, who are treated from these bad habits. For example, according to the statistics, each sixth ukrainian consumes alcohol consistently. However only about 100 thousand from them are on the register and try to be treated from alcoholism. Why is it happening in a such way? There are only three main reasons.

The first one is a denial. Experience shows that alcoholics and drug addicts, in the early stages of their diseases, are sure that they can stop at any time. Such carelessness leads to aggravation of the situation. Eventually addiction consumes person more and more, changes the way of his/her thinking and at some point it is too late.

The second reason is an acceptance. Some of addicted people understand all harm of alcohol and drugs, but continue to destroy their body stubbornly. They do not imagine their life without alcohol or “hit”, they can not relax and spend their time fully. The problem is that any process of the self-destruction sooner or later reaches its end. This end will come definitely without proper treatment. Remember, that 98% of deaths from the negative effect of alcohol happen out of hospitals and clinics.

The third reason is banal shame. In modern society “alcoholic” or “drug addict” is a stigma. Most of addicted people are afraid of this stigma and because of that do not seek to the special institutions.

The service “house call of narcologist” can help people, who for various reasons do not seek to the clinics.

The house call of narcologist: the price

The cost of house call is different for each case. It is impossible to mention universal and exact price. Among other things it depends on the medical institution, the qualification of an expert, the specificities of patient and so on. Moreover, it is necessary to keep in mind that the house call of narcologist is carried out by different reasons. Read about some of them below.

  • Egestion of hard drinking. The expert carries actions out, which clear even after long-lasting hard drinking.
  • Excavation of abstinence symptoms. Narcologist chooses a set of medicine, which charms withdrawal sickness away. If it is necessary doctor inserts antidote in patient’s blood.
  • When there is a large number of toxic substances in the body it can cause death. Using a high number of alcohol and drugs it is necessary to take detoxicative actions. This is what the narcologist does at the house-call.
  • Abruption of psychotic state. Consumption of alcohol and drugs causes changes in patient’s emotional state. It is appeared fear, paranoia and obsessive thoughts. All these symptoms are stabilized effectively by medicine. The narcologist chooses appropriate medicine and controls the treatment process.
  • Alcohol/drug abuse hypnosis.

Besides that narcologist has a conversation with patient’s relatives. Doctor gives recommendations observance of which help patient to be in peaceful psycho-emotional state.

When the expert leaves he/she keeps in touch all the time. You can always consult with him/her on an issue.

The cost of call depends on actions, which are done. Anyway, even in the capital city it is possible to find available alternatives. Medical centre “Medlux” proposes one of the lowest cost for such services in Kiev.

Getting over drunk tank in the medical center

Round-the-clock support of narcologist

Narcologist is a specific doctor. If therapist or dentist is available only during working hours, narcologist is ready for the house-call at any time. Sometimes patient needs urgent help and procrastination can be fatal.

In which cases it is necessary to house-call the narcologist

Expert can help in the following cases:

  • drinking-bout
  • withdrawals
  • excessive intoxication of the body
  • the necessity of alcohol/drug abuse hypnosis. It helps if patient feels ashamed of going to the medical centre individually.

Sometime it is important to call the narcologist immediately. There are following symptoms, which show that it is necessary to call the doctor for patient:

  • convulsions
  • hallucinations (the syndrome of delirium)
  • shortness of breath
  • weak pulse
  • dyspnea
  • collapse
  • discoloration

How to house-call the narcologist

You can house-call an expert quickly and effortlessly if you call in the centre “Medlux”.

You need to call number, which is on the website or to use an application form. Our experts work around-the-clock. After getting an application form they arrive at the address an hour later. And it does not matter in which district in Kiev you live.

The narcologists in the centre “Medlux” are experienced experts, who helped to many addicted people. The average experience of our doctors is 13 years.

If the problem exists do not delay it. You need to call us to change your situation. Everything else our highly qualified experts will assume.

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